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Liite 2.0


Liite 2.0: Seamless ActiveCampaign Integration for Bricks Forms

Welcome to a focused and powerful update with Liite 2.0! We’ve fine-tuned our efforts to enhance your Bricks Builder experience, specifically targeting ActiveCampaign integration for Bricks forms.

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Liite 1.5


Liite 1.5: Seamless MailerLite and Convertkit Integration for Bricks Forms

Welcome to a focused and powerful update with Liite 1.5! We’ve fine-tuned our efforts to enhance your Bricks Builder experience, specifically targeting MailerLite integration and Convertkit integration for Bricks forms.

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Liite 1.0


Liite 1.0: Unleashing the Power of the Official WordPress Plugin

Welcome to a new era of website building with Liite 1.0. This groundbreaking release introduces the official Liite WordPress plugin, a feature-packed addition to your toolkit. With Liite 1.0, we’re not just providing a plugin; we’re unlocking a world of possibilities for Bricks users. Explore two key features designed to seamlessly integrate with the Bricks builder, offering enhanced functionality and customization options. Liite 1.0 is not just a release; it’s an invitation to shape your digital universe with ease and innovation.

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Liite 0.75


Liite 0.75: Evolving Themes with BEM and Introducing the Playful Kids Theme

Prepare for a transformative website-building experience with Liite 0.75. This release introduces the Block Element Modifier (BEM) methodology, enhancing the structure and maintainability of your themes. As a delightful bonus, we’re excited to unveil our newest creation – the Kids Theme. Tailored for child-centric websites, this theme brings a playful design and user-friendly elements to your fingertips. Liite 0.75 is not just an update; it’s a celebration of creativity, structure, and boundless possibilities.


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Liite 0.5


Introducing Liite 0.5: Unleashing the Power of ACSS Themes

Embark on a journey of creativity and design freedom with Liite 0.5. We are thrilled to introduce the ACSS Theme Collection, a carefully curated set of themes crafted using Automatic CSS (ACSS) methodology. With Liite’s ACSS themes, you’re not just building websites; you’re sculpting unique online experiences. Explore a diverse range of themes suitable for a myriad of purposes, from elegant brochure sites to captivating portfolios. Seamlessly integrate these themes into the Bricks builder, unlocking unparalleled customization possibilities for your WordPress sites. Elevate your web design game with Liite 0.5 – where innovation meets simplicity.

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